More fraud and lies in Obamacare

I'm not a lawyer and I certainly don't play one here at American Thinker.  But President Barack Obama (D) is a lawyer, or so he claims--his college transcripts, with his courses and grades from Columbia University and Harvard University Law School are under lock and key, forbidden to be gazed upon during his "most transparent administration ever."  However, we do know he was president of the Harvard Law Review--very prestigious--and was a lecturer on Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago so he must be one.  So why isn't he playing like a real one as president? As the multiple failures of Obamacare emerged and he discovered that buying insurance is hard and complex,  Obama airily decided he alone could suspend the law and make everything all better.  Uh, no. Certainly he took a class on the Constitution and how it works. In high school.  And certainly, as a lawyer, as the so called "smartest man in the room," he should have known all his...(Read Full Post)