Licenses for illegals? Illinois is the latest to overlook the rule of law

Before I get a comment from a "Hispano" saying that Cubans had special treatment and have no business "opining about" illegal immigration, let me say this: First, Cubans did not have special treatment. Our entry was LEGAL. I understand that there is a debate about the Cuban Adjustment Act (passed in 1966) but it the law of the land. My family had to spend 2 months in Jamaica waiting to get "legal entry" into the US.  We were not in Montego Bay on vacation.  We lived in a small room waiting  for "legal entry'. Please don't tell me that we had "special treatment." Let me repeat: Our entry was LEGAL. It was an act passed by Congress in contrast to President Obama issuing an "executive order" to go around Congress on "The Dream Act." Second, this post is about "the rule of law" and respect for those waiting their turn to come into the country legally. No one knows "the rule of law" better than Cubans who saw a tyrant shut...(Read Full Post)