How's This for Irony?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his activist wife, Eleanor, have long been the historic icons of liberal and progressive causes to their admirers on the left. As part of that legacy, FDR was one of the pioneers of gun control with the Gun Control Act of 1934, which originally included a tax on all firearms and the establishment of a national registry. A wiser Congress forced him to scale it back to controlling automatic weapon and sawed-off shotguns. So it comes somewhat as a surprise to learn that his wife Eleanor, one of the most famous of female progressive activists, had a concealed carry permit for the State of New York. She is even quoted as saying she knew how to shoot a gun and was perfectly prepared to use it. Her concealed carry permit shows that she was granted it at the age of 72, which is strange, since Democratic congressmen are constantly saying senior citizens are incapable of defending themselves with a firearm and are probably a greater danger to themselves if they...(Read Full Post)