Rouhani Outsmarts Obama

With starry-eyed optimism, Western leaders and members of the media have recently fawned all over the new Iranian president, Hasan Rouhani, as if he had taken any meaningful steps to reverse Iran's illicit nuclear program, abysmal human rights abuses, or support for Hezb'allah terrorism and Basher Assad's murderous regime in Syria.  Rouhani can thank his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for being so repugnant that virtually anyone succeeding him would be welcomed with relief.  But the West's premature exuberance over Rouhani undermines efforts to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions and dangerously signals to rogue states that a few weeks of charm can quickly compensate for decades of terrorism, genocidal incitement, and human rights abuses. On the core issues, Iran's behavior is the same, but with a more PR-savvy face.  Rouhani has continued Iran's support for the Syrian regime and Iran's anti-Israel rhetoric and policies.  About a month into Rouhani's...(Read Full Post)