Business Insider CTO fired for bigotry

On September 9 blogger NitashaTiku alerted the public to the twitter feed of Business Insider Chief Technical Officer Pax Dickinson, a man she labeled a "Tech Bro Nightmare." In the quoted tweets Pax expressed contempt for Feminism, made derisive comments about minimum wage workers, and a variety of lewd attempts at humor. The next day Business Insider stopped employing Pax Dickinson, publically stating that his tweets did not reflect their values. Nobody ever accused Dickinson of discriminating against them on the basis of gender, and the obscene nature of his tweets was not cited to justify his removal; rather, his political views were considered too much of a liability. Needless to say, the left seems happy about his dismissal. Those celebrating his dismissal have inadvertently acknowledged the danger that it poses to free speech. Feminist blogger David Futurelle claims that Dickinson's tweets could be used against Business Insider in a lawsuit. When Chicago wanted to prevent...(Read Full Post)