Obama's national security silence is unacceptable

Day 3 of the embassy closings and now we are evacuating US personnel from the region. The UK, too!   Again, we are not second guessing the US government. It's better to be safe than sorry.   Nevertheless, it's fair to criticize a mind set - the idea that somehow terrorists will go away if we stop thinking about them, announce early withdrawals or promise to close GITMO.  This mind set has not made us stronger, safer or more respected, whatever "more respected" means.   The Washington Post makes this point today:   "From the beginning of his tenure, the president has been reluctant to build a legal framework that would assume that the fight against al-Qaeda and like-minded groups might go on for a long time. He not only proposed closing the prison at Guantanamo, rightly given its poisonous effect on the United States' image, but he also opposed options to hold prisoners taken in future operations. That may be one reason so many alleged...(Read Full Post)