Total Recall

Should recall elections be reserved only for politicians who break the law? Columnist Rick Moran thinks so. Writing about an impending recall election in Colorado, he writes: The recall device should be reserved for politicians who either break the law or are corrupt in some other way. It shouldn't be employed because 10,000 people disagree with a particular vote taken on an issue. Recall elections are expensive and turnout is usually about 1 in 5 eligible voters. It just isn't worth it when the only issue is that some constituents disagree with the way a legislator voted. Mr. Moran is being consistent. He made this argument after the recall designed to oust Republican legislators in Wisconsin, and now he applies it to two Democrat Colorado state senators -- John Morse and Angela Giron -- who have been targeted by the NRA after voting for an anti-Second Amendment bill. That's fair enough; however, his thesis overlooks some important points. Mr. Moran says that a recall is...(Read Full Post)