Premeditated Rape by Ariel Castro

When you enslave someone and repeatedly rape her, the fact that you kept her captive assumes premeditation in each rape.  The rapes are not moments of uncontrolled passion.  They are successively planned out assaults. Ariel Castro committed premeditated rape hundreds of times on Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight.  That means he tortured each girl successively.  What is the punishment for raping a village of girls repeatedly?   Hillary Clinton says that "it takes a village" to make children smart.  It also takes a country of liberal values and failed morals to stunt a person's humanity and to make an Ariel Castro.  The intent of liberalism is kindness.  The result is cruelty.  The end-product of forgiveness is proliferating crime. Every person on Death Row is petitioning against his death penalty, yet weak scientist sociologists suggest that execution is not a deterrent to crime.  How do social scientists who never...(Read Full Post)