The Tea Party: Who Are They, Really?

Barbara is white and sixty-something and writes Christian musicals.  She told a mutual friend, "Lloyd is a good guy, but I disagree with his association with the Tea Party."  Shocked, our friend shared Barbara's concern with me.  I thought, "Barbara, you are the Tea Party." My friend Barbara is representative of the mainstream media's despicable slander of millions of well-informed, decent, hardworking Americans who love their country and reject it being transformed into a socialist kingdom in which government controls every aspect of their lives. Who are these Tea Party people?  What is their profile?  When I first began touring the country on Tea Party Express, the attendees were mostly middle-aged whites.  Many, trying to be "good people," voted for America's first black presidential candidate.  But, as Obama began implementing his big-government socialist agenda, they realized their error. I was one of probably five blacks in...(Read Full Post)