Let the Deprogramming Begin

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction suggests its white AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) volunteers working with students in racially diverse schools wear white wristbands to remind themselves of their privileged status. According to CNSNews the header on DPI's web page reads "Power and Privilege." The taxpayer funded department offers hints on how white people can examine their personal prejudices and eventually "learn..how to undo" inherent biases. DPI also links to several different websites and blogs with names like "Racialicious." One linked document urges volunteers to reflect on their racist ways by taking a personal inventory.   How do I ignore privilege? What am I doing today to undo my privilege? How do I fool myself into thinking I am powerless? Then it lists a few exercises:  -- Set aside sections of the day to critically examine how privilege is working....(Read Full Post)