It's a crime to make fun of Egypt's Morsi

No "speaking truth to power" in President Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood's Egypt. Laughing is only allowed when the government approves, as a popular satirist named Bassem Youssef found to his dismay. New York Times: The satirist, Bassem Youssef, who hosts a widely watched show modeled on "The Daily Show," has been the subject of numerous legal complaints filed by Islamist lawyers and citizens who took umbrage at Mr. Youssef's skewering of Egypt's political class, including Mr. Morsi, his loyalists and the opposition. But the arrest warrant seemed to represent a sharp escalation of the campaign against Mr. Youssef, with the public prosecutor appointed by Mr. Morsi lending official credence to the complaints. In the nine months since Mr. Morsi took office, his government has been accused of employing the same harsh measures against dissent as did the previous authoritarian leaders, including prosecuting critics, confiscating newspapers and placing sympathetic journalists in...(Read Full Post)