Western New Yorkers Stand Up for Gun Rights

In my novel 2006: the Chautauqua Rising, which was published in the year 2000, New York State officials exploit a school shooting to strip state citizens of their constitutional rights.  This provokes a grass roots insurrection in Western New York that seemed, to some critics at least, far-fetched.  I excerpted a relevant section of the book in these pages after the Newtown shooting in December. A recent forum held by state officials in Western New York explaining Gov. Cuomo's new gun legislation suggests that life sometimes does imitate art.  As one protester said in summary, "When angry people get together they form militias, folks.  This country, this western New York area, is primed for something like that." Here is how I described the fictional "rising" that occurred in Chautauqua (shuh-TAWK-wuh) County just miles from where this real life meeting was held: The gun people came first.  By noon, thousands of them were on their way.  From all over...(Read Full Post)