VA GOP Candidate for Governor Talks Legalization of Pot

Proponents of marijuana legalization have an unlikely ally in Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. The Tea Party favorite is starting to sound like Open Society Institute founder George Soros. Is that a good thing?  Cuccinelli who's running for governor in 2014 says his views on legalizing pot are "evolving." The revelation came during a talk he gave to a political science class at the University of Virginia.  When a student asked Cuccinelli what he thought about decriminalizing marijuana use the attorney general's response got a surprised reaction from the assembly as well as the host Professor Larry Sabato. "I don't have a problem with states experimenting with this sort of thing I think that's the role of states," Cuccinelli said. Sabato, the well known political analyst, who invited Cuccinelli to speak, couldn't believe what he had heard. "Frankly if people hear that whole answer, it may change his image somewhat. It was not stick-in-the-mud, that's for...(Read Full Post)