I've Been a Limousine Liberal...Twice

As an adolescent, I was a limousine liberal in my dad's house in Great Neck.  I felt compassion for all the needy of the world and admired the communists who were trying to spread the wealth in equal, fair shares to people of unequal talents, efforts, and ambitions. I later found out that the world is a nasty place; I learned that if we really want our fair share, the only way to get it is to earn it.  We're not given it by misguided, bathetic bleeding hearts who are in no position to decide who deserves what. When I was in jail for tax evasion, the prison psychiatrist would ask me, "Why are you the only one here who seems happy?"  I liked being removed from the mediocre work-a-day world and having the opportunity to write four hours a day and work out three.  I told the warden, "Thank you for putting me in fighters-writers camp."  He looked at me like I was mad.  I was happy.  I was into myself like a pit in a...(Read Full Post)