2012 GM Auto Sales Worse Than Any Bush Year

I know, I know. The bailout worked and all headlines today present GM as having its best year since this and that. But here is raw data that you won't see in many places: ● GM sold 2,595, 717 units in the Unites States during 2012; this is an 11% drop of the almost 3,000,000 units GM in 2008. ● GM U.S. sales in 2012 is lower and worse than any of the eight years Bush was in office. ● In December 2008, when the world was collapsing, when we were at the boiling point of the crisis, when we needed to save GM no questions asked, GM sold 221,983 units. How bad was it? Well, in 2012 in the midst of the great recovery, when "the bailout worked" as per Obama ads, GM sold only 245,733 units. Yes, that's correct: the difference between the worse times for GM vs "its best months in five years," is a mere 23,750 sales! ● If you replicate this 23,750 difference for a whole year, it still does not give GM enough sales to catch up to their 2008 level. ● Total 2012 sales of vehicles in the...(Read Full Post)