The Perfect Candidate

I just spoke with my thirty-something niece -- a very intelligent young woman, an Army wife stationed in Alaska, and a mother of four -- who has been pondering whether to vote for the libertarian candidate in the coming election because Mitt Romney just doesn't meet all her needs.  As I explained to her, Romney wasn't my first choice, either.  I was big on my former Texas governor until he blew it big-time in the Republican debates.  So be it; your guy drops the ball, and you hand off to the next-strongest runner. My libertarian niece is a supporter of Ron Paul.  I reminded her that Ron Paul and his son, Rand Paul, are both registered Republicans and achieved their present offices as such.  They selected the Republican Party because its principles most closely reflect those of libertarians, and because the Republican Party offers libertarians a seat at the table.  Democrats, most assuredly, do not.  I asked her if she believes that the bedrock...(Read Full Post)