New federal probe into Jesse Jackson, Jr.' s campaign finances

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that a federal investigation is targeting the possible use of campaign funds to redecorate Jesse Jackson Jr.' s home. The Chicago Sun-Times adds: The Sun-Times reported that the investigation was being handled out of Washington D.C. and was an entirely new area of scrutiny and did not involve the sale of the U.S. Senate seat - a case involving Rod Blagojevich where Jackson's name repeatedly came up. Spokespeople representing Jackson were not talking on Sunday. The Jacksons put their Washington, D.C., home on the market last month at a price of $2.5 million. The listing was public and included the property's address as well as multiple photos of the inside of the home. A campaign spokesman said at the time that home was put on the market to pay for mounting medical bills. Though Jackson represents a congressional district in Chicago and his wife, Sandi, is a Chicago alderman - both primarily live in D.C. and send their children to a private school...(Read Full Post)