Case Strengthens That Obama Poem Is Anti-Semitic

In an earlier speculative posting I made the case that "Underground," a poem written by Barack Obama and published in the Occidental College literary magazine in 1981, may well be an anti-Semitic allegory. The "apes" in the poem, I argued, may represent the Jews of Israel, and the "figs" Israel itself. The end of the poem has the warlike apes tumbling into the sea. A correspondent promptly sent me a link to an Islamic cartoon that strengthens the case for anti-Semitic allegory. The cartoon has been translated and posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a Middle Eastern not-for-profit press monitoring organization, and seems authentic. The cartoon begins at about the 8:00 minute mark. The cartoon is preceded by an interview in which a woman asks a girl of no more than five or six whether she likes Jews. The girl decidedly does not. Upon prompting, she tells the woman that Jews are "apes and pigs." She has learned this from "our god" as revealed "in the...(Read Full Post)