MSM Blatantly but Unsurprisingly Botches Republican Convention Coverage

OK, so I am watching a CNN panel discussion about Romney's acceptance speech.  Christine O'Donnell was on the panel.  The CNN host said that Romney's speech and our side were, in essence, calling the Democrats communist.  O'Donnell explained that we are not calling them communist, but simply pointing out the differences in our vision of America versus the Democrats'.  Once again, an Obama media operative was attempting to spin/distort our words to portray Republicans/conservatives as being extreme. Like many blacks, I have high blood pressure issues.  Thus, I cannot allow these people to get to me. Still, I could not believe that CNN chose Donna Brazile to be an on-set daily contributor to their Republican National Convention coverage.  Give me a break!  This black woman is a vicious, hate-filled Democrat hack.  Nothing coming out of her mouth is going to be fair, balanced, or reasonable.  But I counted to ten and felt a little better. Then...(Read Full Post)