MIA at the RNC

What was missing at the Republican convention in Tampa this past week? How about any mention of a government sanctioned gun walking program that led to the bloody murders of federal agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata? Or Solyndra, or the raid on Gibson guitars or illegal executive orders defying our system of checks and balances. What about Holder refusing to investigate the Black Panthers; the outing of Navy SEALs; Senator Grassley's and Congressman Issa's valiant fight to charge Attorney General Holder with contempt for lying to Congress; or the Obama administration's involvement in Arab Spring?  After three and a half years the Republican Party still won't bring "third rail" issues to the fight. If Obama were a Republican and this had been a Democrat convention the left would have dredged up every last corrupt/illegal maneuver. Remember Halliburton? So-called liberals still use that tired old argument to rail against Bush and Cheney.   While Harry Reid gets to accuse...(Read Full Post)