DNC ad touches the Unholy Grail of anti-Constitutional thought

Even in jest, you cannot make up this level of stupidity espoused by a national political party. Here's a video ad put out by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) The punch line is: "The government is the only thing we all belong to." (Forget about ending a sentence with a preposition.) The degree to which that one simple sentence stands the U.S. Constitution on its head should take our breath away.   We, the people, do not belong to the government. The government belongs to us. In the difference between those two simple statements, which on their face might appear similar, or even identical, resides what the November election is most about. We do not belong to the government. Just as we once did not belong to King George III of Great Britain, for Americans are not subjects of monarchs, parliaments, congresses, Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Kings, Queens...the whole lot of them. William Sullivan adds: DNC Pushes All-In on American Serfdom A few months ago,...(Read Full Post)