Congressman Akin: A Rush to a Political Execution

Google "Democrat senator apologizes," and watch what pops up. Quite a few of the first listings to come up are about Missouri senatorial candidate Todd Akin. Clearly, the firing squad has formed, and the folks at Google are helping load the rifles. The very first link is to a Reuters (that paradigm for unbiased reporting) story under the heading "Republican Akin apologizes again over rape comments."  "Whoa," I think, "how'd I get there?" Just for grins, google "Connecticut Democrat Candidate apologizes for Vietnam comments."  Remember when then-senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal talked about how he felt when he came home from military service in Vietnam?  He later admitted that he had "misspoken," since he never served in Vietnam.  "Misspoken" is what politicians say when they're caught lying. The voters in Connecticut forgave him, and he was elected. The first link when you google "Connecticut Democrat..." is "[Chris] Dodd: Blumenthal's record 'outweighs'...(Read Full Post)