Walkin' Tall: Walker Inspires an Army

A friend informed me that Gov. Scott Walker defeated the recall on the same day President Ronald Reagan passed away, June 5.  She added that Walker reminds her of Reagan. As chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, I have visited several cities in Wisconsin.  In my chats with patriots across the state, they sang the praises of Gov. Walker's reforms and his remarkable courage.  Despite intense and relentless pressure, Walker stayed true to championing conservative principles. While we all knew that the Democrats' attack on the Wisconsin governor had national ramifications, the result of Walker's courage is more powerful than anyone could have imagined.  My goodness, this man has inspired a nation.  Wow! Gov. Walker stepped up, drew his sword of honor, and defeated the multi-headed dragon of liberalism, just when our Tea Party movement desperately needed a hero.  Since the beginning of the Democrats' absurd recall attack on Walker for simply keeping...(Read Full Post)