Small-Town Tea Party Patriots

I just returned home from the Tea Party Express national bus tour VII -- picked up mail from the P.O.  box, petted Sammy, our greyhound, who was excited to see me, and enjoyed listening to Mark Levin rant on the radio.  Later, relaxing on the sofa, I reflected back to the tour.  Obviously, the highlight was June 5th, in Wisconsin, when Gov. Scott Walker won the recall.  But what I found most charming and symbolic of the grassroots spirit of the Tea Party was our whistle stop in a tiny little town called Englewood, Florida.  A whistle stop is not a full-blown scheduled rally with sound equipment, sound engineers, staging, etc.  Whistle stops usually consist of our tour buses arriving at a decided location.  Our team (speakers, singers, and entertainers) does a brief meet-and-greet with the patriots.  Then we get back on the buses and head to the next city on the schedule for our rally.  The crowd of 50 or so flag-waving patriots who greeted...(Read Full Post)