Sen. Cornyn Calls for Holder's Resignation

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn called for Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation in a Senate Judiciary hearing on Tuesday for his part in the Fast and Furious scandal. Holder, who appears to relish his role in the hot seat lately, proved once again his Department of Justice represents Obama, not the people. Cornyn: "It is more with sorrow than regret and anger that I would say that you leave me no alternative, than to join those who call upon you to resign your office," the Texas Republican said. "Americans deserve an attorney general who will be honest with them. They deserve an attorney general who will uphold the basic standards of political independence and accountability. You have proven time and time again, sadly, that you're unwilling to do so. I'm afraid we have come to an impasse... you have violated the public trust, in my view." Holder: With all due respect, there is so much factually wrong with the premises you started your statement with...I don't have any...(Read Full Post)