Afternoon Workout

I'm working the mitts with Barbara, my boxing student.  She's a rich woman who is slumming in boxing but doesn't admit it because she is a liberal who wants to identify with poor people. She's hitting pretty good.  I tell her to go for more combinations.  Limousine liberals like Barbara are trying to steal poor people's thunder by adopting their values but not living in their homes. She is like Warren Buffet who offers thirty per cent in taxes which doesn't reduce his life style one iota but encourages poor people to do less and less and want more and more. Like Buffet she cares more about her image than the plight of the disadvantaged.  She wants to appear generous while doing little that inconveniences her. Even though we are good friends, Barbara is always picking on me because I am a Republican, "You guys don't want to give anything to the poor."               "Republicans give more to...(Read Full Post)