Lydia and Abortion

Lydia shows up for her boxing lesson at my home away from home, Gleason's Boxing Gym.  The name Lydia cracks me up.  It reminds me of Groucho Marx's song from "The Circus." She's a nice kid, in her twenties. Somehow she mentions Romney and she says she wishes he would stay out of women's organs and their rights. Women don't know who their real enemies are.  That's why they often date bad boys.  That's why they mistakenly approve of Obama, a slickster who has cost them a disproportionate amount of jobs and who panders to them for votes. Romney's position on abortion has flipped. I'm not even sure what it is.  But I'm sure he doesn't want to be inside of Lydia's organs. He appears a happily married man.   Anyhow abortion is a distraction not a major issue.  Abortions will not disappear no matter who is elected.  They will continue but they will avoid such obscenities as partial birth abortions and infanticide, something Obama...(Read Full Post)