Basketball Obsessed Obama Has Sacramento Mayor's Back

Obama pal and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson thought he had a done deal last month when the owners of the NBA Sacramento Kings negotiated a tentative agreement with the city to stay put. Johnson was riding high when he thought he landed the impossible deal to keep the Kings in his city. NBA commissioner David Stern, an avid Obama supporter, sat down with the Maloof family who owns the team on February 27 to iron out the details. "The owners have authorized me to be as supportive as we could possibly be in this process so we could cement the future of the NBA in Sacramento," league commissioner David Stern said. Only a few days before the negotiations Stern had attended a $30,000 a head fund-raising event for the President at the home of Dallas Maverick player Vince Carter in Orlando. At that time Obama congratulated Stern for settling the NBA lockout dispute. "Because I don't know what I would be doing with myself if I didn't at least have some basketball games around," Obama said....(Read Full Post)