Tea Party: Marcus Reporting In from Wisconsin

I'm chairman of The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama. I just returned home to Florida from helping the patriots in Wisconsin fight Obama's minions' recall of Gov. Scott Walker.  Oh my gosh, was it cold!  I'm originally from Baltimore, and thought I could handle cold.  Wisconsin's cold weather is world-class.  A cab driver told me, "This is not cold. We've had a mild winter." Since I moved to Florida twelve years ago, Wisconsin was the first time I have seen snow in several years.  I realized I have not missed seeing and dealing with it. Despite the cold weather, Wisconsin patriots were fired up to defeat Obama's operatives' recall of their governor.  Wisconsin patriots really appreciate Gov. Walker's backbone and strength of character to follow through with his promises.  His budget reforms are making a huge difference.  Pray for Gov. Walker and our fellow patriots up there, folks.  Gov. Walker's battles in Wisconsin are bigger than...(Read Full Post)