Holder hits bottom - keeps digging

AG Eric Holder sounds all powerful in his latest attempt to wriggle out of his role in the Fast and Furious operation, but hubris catches up to everybody. A smart lawyer would never put into writing what he can't defend, but Holder did exactly that. After a week of aggressive reporting by CBS' Sheryl Attkisson, the Attorney General tried defending himself in a letter to Congress. A similar scenario played out last summer when CNN reporter Dana Bash asked questions of the arrogant Anthony Weiner to uncover the truth behind the sexting scandal. Weiner called for the cameras, but then struggled to talk his way out of his problems. We all know how that turned out.    Yesterday, in a 5-page letter addressed to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, the nation's top law official played the victim blaming Republicans, the press and lax gun control laws for the "flawed response to a serious problem." With no mention of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, ICE...(Read Full Post)