Which Came First, Government or the Worker?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  The question will forever be asked and never answered to everyone's agreement.  In Obama's world, the answer to which came first is government.  Government is the provider of your means.  It will provide you a job, food, a home, healthcare, education, etc.    Successful, hard workers know this not to be true.   Even unsuccessful people know this to be untrue.  That is what keeps people striving to improve their lot.  There would be no government but for people creating a need for it and the means for it.  In America, we are free to become whatever we want to become.  We do this on our own with different combinations of drive, ambition, a bit of luck, finding the opportunities, creativity and hard work. Obama comes along singing a tune of fairness.  Successful people need to share with the unsuccessful through the government.  His answer to America's problems is to tax the...(Read Full Post)