Petty jealousy of the rich

How often have I heard from sallow, begrudging liberals that the gap between the rich and poor has gotten too great. Of course, these complainers are usually not really poor.  They just identify with poverty that is not their own. They have more empathy than logic. I have always felt that the gap between rich and poor is irrelevant. Rich people being really rich only works to the benefit of the poor and the middle class by putting more money in circulation and providing more menial jobs for the untalented. Unfortunately, the poor are petty, jealous greedy creatures who can't stand to see others succeed.  I am middle class and I love to see the rich get richer. That's what they are trying to do.  I am not trying to be rich so I have no envy of their accomplishing what I am not attempting. Bless the rich their good fortune; don't despise them for being able to do what you can't. If I wanted to be rich I would work at it instead of being envious. When I was younger I was...(Read Full Post)