Iran condemns the British over riots

Ah, revenge is so sweet.  After years of being lectured by the British about human rights abuses, the Iranians are watching the rioting in England, using them to now lecture the British about...human rights.    The Iranian Parliament's   Human Rights Subcommittee condemned the killing of Mark Duggan by British police in London, Fars news agency reported Tuesday. Mohammad Karim Abedi, the vice-chairman of the sub-committee, said that the Majlis, as the representative of the Iranian nation, supports the rights of the British people and urged London to order the police to stop treating protesters violently. The spokesman of the subcommittee Hossein Naqavi also condemned what he called the UK's "double standards" towards human rights. He recommended London to stop the use of violence against protesters and respect people's rights. Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast also called on the British police to exercise restraint against...(Read Full Post)