Gunfight at the DC Corral: Palin vs Obama.

I'm sorry guys. Every time you flood me with emails attempting to convince me Palin cannot win; is too toxic; is not smart enough; is a hypocrite; and is only in it for the money, the courageous woman boldly does another extraordinary interview that makes me stand up and cheer, "Sarah Palin, you go girl! I love you!" On the Hannity show, Palin launched another "in your face" attack on Obama, the GOP and the liberal media. I LOVE IT!   Nothing frustrates me more than GOP candidates walking on eggs, cautious not to offend or anger the despicable, lying, agenda-driven and evil liberal media.  Why should we show respect for characterless people who are committed to lying and putting a negative spin on everything we say and do?  The liberal media's mission is to politically "kill" the tea party.  Get it? Sarah Palin gets it. Palin does not give a rat's behind about what the liberal media thinks of her.  On numerous occasions, without the slightest hint of...(Read Full Post)