King Obama?

I have read many articles characterizing President Obama as a King or King-like here at AT and many other sites as well.  I never really took these seriously as more parody than anything else.  But in the last two years, the evidence has been mounting.  His bowing to foreign leaders, his wanton vacations or golfing and basketball pickup games while the nation suffers the blight of this economy, accepting the nomination in front of Greek columns and all the rest of it.  Up until this last Saturday it only caused me to think of the President as a narcissist; not much more to him than that.Not that a narcissistic President is a good thing.  It just centers our focus of the problem of Mr. Obama.Last night's White House Correspondent's Dinner seemed to cement not our President, but our King for me.For the most part, President's Obama's "stand-up" at the lectern at the dinner was a bad Saturday Night Live skit from the 1980's.  Sure he took it to his...(Read Full Post)