Two short Obama 2012 commercials against Republican nominee Donald Trump

Approximately one in eight Republicans currently think making Donald Trump the party's nominee is a good idea.  I'm not going to venture an opinion on whether he'd make a good president (though he'd certainly be a great improvement over the incumbent). Or even whether Mr. Trump would make a good campaigner (although he'd certainly be an improvement over the last nominee).What Donald Trump would be is an absolutely catastrophic nominee and a guarantee of four more years of Obama as president.Obama Commercial One:Show video of slot machine wheels spinning as announcer says: "Donald Trump made a fortune in gambling. Don't gamble America's future by putting this man in the White House." Commercial ends showing slot machine coming up with three lemons.Obama Commercial Two:Show background of bankruptcy papers as announcer says: "Donald Trump ran not one but two of his businesses into bankruptcy. Don't let him do the same thing to America." Video ends...(Read Full Post)