MSNBC's Bashir Challenged by Breitbart

After enduring Martin Bashir's thirteen minutes of shameless race-baiting on MSNBC Wednesday, Andrew Breitbart challenged Bashir to a lie-detector showdown with a $10,000 payoff.Breitbart would be tested on whether he told the truth about Shirley Sherrod, and Bashir would be tested as to whether he actually read Breitbart's book, Righteous Indignation, prior to their interview as Bashir claimed he did.I suspect Bashir will pass on the bet, and his presumed failure to have read Breitbart's book is not the half of it.  The deeper problem is that the media have long since ceased inquiring into anything that might disturb their worldview.  Let me cite an example that emerged from the Breitbart-Bashir slugfest.In the course of the interview, Bashir observed, "In the book, you talk about bloggers, citizen journalists who have implied that the president`s autobiography, Dreams from My Father, was actually written by, quote -- I`m quoting - ‘the domestic terrorist, Bill...(Read Full Post)