Wisconsin Teachers, Don't Take Obama at His Word

President Barack Obama has a habit of telling teachers what they want to hear, as he has done this past week in the Wisconsin teachers' strike.Sometimes what he says, however, is simply not true.  At the 40-second mark of this video clip, candidate Obama can be heard boasting to a convention of Virginia schoolteachers in July 2008 about his prowess as a writer."As some of you may know," he tells them, "I've written two books."  The teachers applaud.  Obama then continues with a wink and a nod, "I actually wrote them myself."  Now the teachers laugh.  They get the joke.  Other political figures -- read John McCain/ Sarah Palin -- are not capable of doing the same.As the Wisconsin teachers are learning, the joke is on them.  A nation mobilized by an Obama-driven shift to the left has elected political leaders who will no longer indulge their unions.If those same teachers spend their down time reading my new book,...(Read Full Post)