Teach for America's 'Egypt Moment'

This past Saturday a swarm of education reformers met in D.C. to celebrate Teach for America's 20th anniversary; 11,000 alumni, activists, teachers, non-profit reps, administration officials, (including the Secretary of Education), feminist Gloria Steinem,  chancellors and former chancellors attended what some bloggers compared to a religious revival meeting. Indeed a couple of weeks before the summit, Wendy Kopp, the founder of TFA, promoting her newest book in an interview with Dana Goldstein at the Daily Beast, blurted out that she had "really drunk all of the TFA kool-aid for myself." Actually Kopp, who once called her organization less a "teacher-education model" and more of a "movement for social justice," was not the only one who showed up over zealous for the all day event. Joel Klein, former chancellor of the New York City Public Schools, told the crowd that "transformational change" wasn't enough. The educational system needed...(Read Full Post)