Stuxnet a bust?

A new report about the effect of the Stuxnet worm on the Iranian nuclear program is expected to downplay the effect of the computer attack at one of Iran's biggest nuclear facilities.Video taken by cameras installed at the Nantanz processing plant shows that when the worm hit, there was a massive effort to contain the damage, and that it was largely successful.Washington Post: The ISIS report acknowledges that the worm may have undercut Iran's nuclear program in ways that cannot be easily quantified. While scientists were able to replace the broken centrifuge machines this time, Iran is thought to have finite supplies of certain kinds of high-tech metals needed to make the machines, ISIS concluded. In addition, the worm almost certainly exacted a psychological toll, as Iran's leaders discovered that their most sensitive nuclear facility had been penetrated by a computer worm whose designers possessed highly detailed knowledge of Natanz's centrifuges and how they are interconnected,...(Read Full Post)