Journalist in France Convicted for Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

We've heard a lot about Geert Wilders, the Dutch parliamentarian whose warnings about Muslim influence in his nation place him in the crosshairs of the powers-that-be.  But while the tow-headed modern-day Templar has thus far dodged the hangman on Truth-speech charges, another intrepid defender of Western civilization has not been so lucky.  And we haven't heard much about him.He is French journalist Eric Zemmour, and he was just convicted this week of "inciting racism."  Writes The New American's R. Cort Kirkwood:Zemmour's "controversial" remarks included his observation that most drug dealers in France were black or Arab, and that employers "have the right" to deny employment to those two groups of people.Zemmour's criminal speech occurred on a popular talk show during a discussion of why French police seem to stop minorities more than whites.  Said Zemmour: "But why are they stopped 17 times?  Why?  Because most...(Read Full Post)