A Clue to the Author of 'O'?

If I ever needed proof of the triviality of contemporary media, I find it in the ginned-up hubbub over the "anonymous" author of O, the much-discussed new novel about the Obama White House.About 15 minutes of literary detective work leads me to a likely suspect.  According to Jonathan Karp, Simon and Schuster's Executive Vice President, "The author is someone who has been in the room with Barack Obama and knows his world intimately." My candidate fills the bill. His Amazon biography tells us that this fellow "spent ample time at the White House and has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Secret Service on presidential security overseas." My suspect served as a diplomat with the U.S. Department of State for 23 years, but left government employ a few years back in order to devote full-time to his writing.   He has written three novels.  His name is James Bruno.  In 2006, Bruno wrote a novel called Chasm, described as an...(Read Full Post)