New Year's Resolution Suggestions

Since Barack Obama's people put him behind his own pretend Presidential Candidate podium and his very own and well traveled teleprompter, we've been confronted with an aggressive hubris rarely seen even in the outsized ego-driven world of power politics. While the following certainly doesn't take the cake, it ranks right up there with then President Clinton's frightful admission "I can spend your money better than you can". [1] Fingerprints of the Obama Culture Imprimatur are all over the General Services Administration's website that is directing US citizens in 'suggested' New Year's Resolutions. I'm eagerly looking forward to American Thinker's readers comments, following. Drink less alcohol 2. Get a better education3. Get a better job4. Get fit5. Lose weight6. Manage debt7. Manage stress8. Quit smoking9. Save money10. Take a trip11. Volunteer to help othersIf ya'll can't make comedy gold out...(Read Full Post)