'What Is Your Take on Jihad and Jihadis, Mr. President?'

I had heard about this, but I was still not prepared for it. Our president gave a speech at St. Xavier College, Mumbai, and asked for some tough questions from the audience. He got one: "What is your take, or opinion, on jihad or jihadi? What do you think of them?" Pretty straightforward. Would that one of the Bigfeet from the NY Times or Washington Post could be so clear. "Well, uh, ya know, uh, uh, the phrase 'jihad' has a lot of meanings within Islam, um, and is subject to a lot of different interpretations." But not to your audience it isn't, sir! He's speaking at a Roman Catholic college, his audience primarily Christian and Hindu. They've been far closer to the business end of jihad and jihadis than the armchair philosophers in the faculty lounge at University of Chicago could ever dream. But no, our Community-Agitator-in-Chief takes this as a teachable moment, a chance to inform the woman that Islam is "one of the world's great religions"...(Read Full Post)