Let's Just Appreciate the Great Obama Presidency

So says the Washington Examiner's Noemie Emery, writing tongue in cheek:How brilliant are these strategists there at the White House, and how canny at reading the mood of the people? How wise is this strategy of giving them what they don't want, and then, when they complain about it, telling them to shut up, and keep giving them more?How clever to tell them Missouri's vote against the individual mandate meant "nothing," when it is only the fourth vote against health care -- Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts being the others -- to be taken in less than a year?What smarts does it take to take a huge popular mandate, and shred it in no time? How clever of them to hit on coalition destruction as a method of governing! In that White House In The Sky, FDR and Reagan are probably seething with envy. Why didn't they think of it first? (Read Full Post)