No, Michelle, obesity isn't the biggest problem of the NAACP's children

While Michelle Obama is busy scamming the all too willing-to-be-scammed NAACP that the greatest threat to our children is...obesity, so the government - not the parents - must encourage our children to move and eat more vegetables. She, and the increasingly irrelevant NAACP, are deliberately ignoring the greatest threat to children and adults--violence. And most embarrassingly, black on black violence. Apparently Bill Cosby, whose comedic character, Fat Albert, could have explained it all to them was surprisingly not available. Fat Albert, who wouldn't have bothered with such non distractions as the Tea Party but rather would have stressed the importance of parents--emphasis on the plural--and other positive strategies. No wonder he wasn't invited to speak but Michelle, with her message that ever expansive government can solve your victim status, was. Meanwhile, Saturday, in the ravaged neighborhood less than two miles from the Obamas' mob favorably mortgaged home, desperate...(Read Full Post)