Time for John Lewis To Man Up

From the moment "Spittlegate" happened on March 20th, the media have depicted iconic civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) as its primary victim. He was the "congressman" in question in the incendiary McClatchy headline, "Tea Party protestors scream ‘nigger' at congressman." The media, of course, have skirted the fact that Lewis did not claim to hear any racial slurs.  As Lewis told McClatchy's William Douglas on the day of the event, "They were shouting, sort of harassing.  What they shouted, Lewis told Douglas, is "kill the bill, kill the bill."One of my correspondents, Christine Hanes, a "stay at home mom," has some suggestions for the congressman in a context with which Lewis should be able to empathize:I read everything I could about the incident and have watched many videos trying to see and hear for myself.  I have become convinced that Representative Andre Carson and Representative Emanuel Cleaver...(Read Full Post)