Ratigan & Media Attempt to Brand Tea Parties Racist

As a black proud Tea Party patriot, I am extremely offended by MSNBC TV show host Dylan Ratigan's baseless accusation that the Tea Party Movement (my white brother and sister fellow patriots) embraces Nazis and racists. Ratigan's attack epitomizes the liberal media's commitment to protect Obama and his radical agenda at all costs. They have a genuine disdain for freedom, capitalism and We The People. No tactic is too low. Ratigan's rant: While interviewing (really badgering) Mark Williams of the Tea Party Express, outrageously Ratigan attempted to portray the bus tour as a far right hate group supportive of the killing of blacks and Jews. Well then, what the heck am I doing on the Tea Party Express tour bus? Did I miss the "People We Hate" memo? Or perhaps, the organizers hid that memo from me and other blacks on the tour. Left wing fanatics such as Ratigan have no shame. Incredibly they will throw the innocent Tea Party patriots under the bus in defense of Obama and his far...(Read Full Post)