Not all Euro-elites are anti-Israel

Catalonian journalist Pilar Rahola breaks with the European elites in offering up a strong defense of Israel. In a speech too full of smart thinking to be summarized, she defends Israel against its foolish and unfair detractors in European governments and the press:Orphan of a reasonable left, orphan of serious journalism, orphan of a decent UN, and orphan of a tolerant Islam, Israel suffers the paradigm of the 21st Century: the lack of a solid commitment with the values of liberty. Nothing seems strange. Jewish culture represents, as no other does, the metaphor of a concept of civilization which suffers today attacks on all flanks. You are the thermometer of the world's health. Whenever the World has had totalitarian fever, you have suffered. In the Spanish Middle Ages, in Christian persecutions, in Russian pogroms, in European Fascism, in Islamic fundamentalism. Always, the first enemy of totalitarianism has been the Jew. And, in these times of energy dependency and social...(Read Full Post)