Massachusetts Earthquake Rumblings?

I have been watching with great interest, the campaign for the January 19th special election to fill the senate seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. Online, of course, as the major media seem to have just assumed Democrat Martha Coakley will walk away with it. But the first Rasmussen poll is consistent with what on the ground reports there have been: there's a great deal of interest in the Republican Scott Brown, and he may just pull off a win. If he does win, he says he'd vote against the health care bill.Legal Insurrection has the story this morning:Rasmussen is the first major polling organization to poll the Massachusetts Senate special election, and the "pre-released" poll numbers show Martha Coakley (D) with just a 9% lead over Scott Brown (R), which would be consistent with other polls. This post will be updated with further analysis once the official numbers are released. [See Update No. 2 below - official results released - Brown within 2% among people...(Read Full Post)